Hands On Professional Training School was opened in August 2009 in Indaial, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, to provide the market high quality courses of excellent professional use. In its modern facilities, computer courses are taught with multimedia instructional resources.

Exclusively for the town, Hands On has the licensing of Evolua interactive method – www.evoluaeducacao.com.br, used successfully in over 400 cities in all Brazilian regions. Moreover, it still maintains the courses of conversation in English and Spanish.

The interactive method used by Hands On is one of the most advanced techniques of computer science and vocational courses teaching, as it allows students to choose the time that is more convenient for them to study, and getting an exclusive and customized instructor in the classroom.

After following the development of the class on the screen, the student performs a series of exercises on the computer, following a sequence of step-by-step instructions presented in the handout material, and at the end of class, responds to a test to check the assimilation of knowledge. The easy to follow the method allows the registration of children as young as 9 years of age as well as youngsters, adults and seniors, with or without prior knowledge of computing.

The main goal of Hands On is to provide excellent results for their students in courses in which they have enrolled, providing educational resources in innovative ways so that, at the appropriate time, they can fix and then use this knowledge in their professional lives.

To know more about the town of Indaial, follow the link: www.indaial.com.br